VOL. 1

by Michael Deforge & Patrick Kyle


Perish Plains: A drawing focused series that pairs two contemporary artists to collaborate on 20-30 pages of abstract landscapes or environments. The series will primarily focus on international artists from the alternative comics/zine world.


Vol. 2 features:


Patrick Kyle is a Toronto-based artist and illustrator whose work has appeared in The New York Times, Esquire, The Globe and Mail, The Walrus and VICE Magazine among other publications. His comics work has been nominated for both the Doug Wright and Ignatz awards. He is also co-founder and editor of Wowee Zonk, a contemporary comic book anthology featuring upcoming narrative artists from Toronto. The 4th issue was released in 2012 by Koyama Press.


Michael Deforge is a prolific and influential cartoonist living and working in Toronto. His ongoing comic book series Lose is published by Koyama Press. He has received numerous awards for his comics work, having been recognized multiple times by both the Ignatz and Doug Wright awards. He also works as a commercial illustrator and character, effects and props designer on the hit Cartoon Network animated series Adventure Time. His graphic novel Ant Colony is to be published by Drawn & Quarterly in early 2014.



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