VOL. 2

by Maryanne Casasanta & Nadia Gohar


Perish Flats: An annual poster series that highlights new work from contemporary Toronto artists. Each poster is printed in full colour on an 18”x24” matte double-thick stock. Posters: art you can afford.


Vol. 2 features:


Maryanne Casasanta explores the relationships between art and home, art and life, home and studio, and the interstitial space between image and object are drawn together through photography, temporary installations, and found or fabricated objects. Photographic documents of small gestures, subtle interventions, and material constructions move in the universe of the everyday. Common artifacts are re-imagined as a way to transform a routine experience, promoting an active immersion in, and reconsideration of, small, ordinary events.


Nadia Gohar’s vivid painting and sculptural work focuses on her attachment to objects–objects she owns; objects she’s seen; objects that she can’t be sure she’s seen, but that linger in her imagination nonetheless. A natural forager, she is an expert at amassing things that act as considered inspiration: trinkets from Chinatown, fruit wrappers, houseplants. Raised in Cairo but currently based in Toronto, her colourful but soft aesthetic often reflects her surroundings while encapsulating her nostalgia for the past and her entire history. Nothing is forgotten. All has meaning. The green sandal on her studio floor remains forever treasured through its depiction, just above, oil paint on a piece of unstretched canvas.


Above: Maryanne Casasanta

Above: Nadia Gohar

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